We can offer our patients what they need based on their individual hearing loss, their needs, and their treatment choices. The hearing aid selection process is thereby truly individualized and never a “one size fits all” model. All different sizes, styles and features of hearing aids are available depending on your specific needs.

The size and style of hearing aid you choose depends on several factors, including the type and severity of your hearing loss, the size and shape of your ear, your degree of manual dexterity and visual acuity, as well as your physical and cosmetic preferences.


As an independent clinic, we carry and service all makes and models of hearing aids, including but not limited to those made by Widex, Signia, Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, Unitron, Sonic and Bernafon all shown below.

Our commitment to healthcare is evidenced in our refusal to deal with just a few manufacturers. 



Assistive Listening Devices

Amplified telephones, TV listening sets, Infra-red systems, FM & remote microphone systems, and safety and awareness systems are all offered. 


We carry your essential hearing-aid accessories: dry-aid/moisture control kits, cleaning tools, carrying cases, remote controls, and ear mold sanitizer.


Our batteries are available in all standard hearing aid sizes.


We offer a variety of custom plugs and molds for when you are swimming with the family, on-job hearing protection, and musicians earplugs for the guitar guru in your life.  

Let us help you stay safe while you work & play.

Sleep Molds

Swim Plugs

Musicians Plugs

Sleep & Swim Molds

If you are tired of hearing your significant other snore or if you are tired of constantly having water in the ears after swimming, then custom earmolds may be a great solution for you! You can even get glow in the dark earmolds to help you find them at night or floatable ones so that you don't lose them in the water.

Musician & Noise Plugs

Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. It is important to protect your ears from noise to prevent damage to your hearing. Whether you are a musician, singer, working in construction or a hunter, there are a variety of different products available to suit your needs. We can help determine which option is best for you!

Hearing Aid Molds

Hearing aid molds are typically recommended with behind-the-ear devices when the hearing loss requires a bit more power. We provide custom earmolds for all purposes and for all ages. Our Audiologist can help determine which solution is best for you based on your hearing loss.


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