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We offer a broad range of services to assist you in your hearing health. All appointments can be either in French or English, and we offer at home visits for your convenience.

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Ear Checkup

Ear Wax Removal

The Audiologists at Hearing Freedom are trained in cerumen management. We use a variety of tools and methods to remove wax accumulation and debris from the ear canals.

If you schedule an appointment for wax removal, barring any medical contraindication, place a few drops of mineral oil in your ears for a few days prior to your appointment. This will soften the wax and make it easier to remove.

Image by John Schnobrich

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Based on your test results and an assessment of your individual needs and preferences, your Audiologist will help you individualize your treatment plan and/or products to address your hearing concern. At Hearing Freedom, you are the most important part of the decision making process, and so your opinions and concerns are held paramount in any decision that is made.

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